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Perkins Diesel Generator Set In Stock China Can Fast to Ship


11 2022

Big Power Small Power Perkins Generator Set On Sale With Fast Delivery Time 

Perkins generator voltage regulation rate, frequency regulation rate. The voltage regulation rate is within +0.5 under the following conditions: from no-load to full-load, frequency synchronization, power factor between 0.8-0.1; random frequency fluctuation rate, from no-load to full-load; in any stable load condition Running; the maximum value of Perkins diesel generator set is +0.25% from cold engine to hot engine; the speed drop does not exceed 4.5%.

2. Perkins power generator 200kva  voltage waveform, unit technology. Open circuit, the maximum total waveform distortion is 1.5%; special welded chassis, built-in shock pad, overall hoisting and climbing; three-phase balanced load, the maximum total waveform distortion is 5%; the standard configuration of the chassis is a fuel tank that runs continuously for 8 hours, double flexible Glue the fuel connection pipe, the chassis fuel tank matches the level gauge, and the drain is blocked.

3.  perkins generator low fuel consumption telephone influence factor. High-grade paint coating, wear-resistant and durable, bright and durable, less than 50; a random set of installation manual, operation and maintenance manual, parts manual and circuit diagram; telephone harmonic factor (THF) less than 2%, in line with BS4999 part 40 standard ISO3046, ISO8528 , BS4999, BS5514, BS5000PT99, AS1359; electromagnetic influence UTE5100, VDE0530; in line with BS800 standard, VDE grade is between G and N.

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